Former Teacher Donates to the Sacred Heart Library

We have been blessed to receive a $1000 donation for books in our school library. Mrs. Carol Guthrie, a former Sacred Heart teacher, wanted to encourage students to enjoy reading as much as she did.

Since her passing, her family made a donation to our library in her name. We are very blessed thankful.

Find time to grab a book and read to your child, or read a book for you. Any student who had Mrs. Guthrie as a teacher can tell you that nothing should stop you. No matter what you might say about why you can’t, Mrs. Guthrie would remind you that, “Excuses don’t alter the situation!” Make the time to read. You and your child will be better for it.

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Food Drive

Sacred Heart participates annually with the Salvation Army food drive. Our community needs support from those who are able now more than ever. Please send in as many non-perishable items as you can. The class with the highest percent of items will win the pizza party!

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Contact Teachers Easier!

We are making it easier to contact teachers. A new form has been made for you to use. This form is a convenient way for you to contact teachers without having to search for their individual emails. Hopefully, this makes connecting to the teachers less of a hassle for you.

This form is located on the right side of the page and is called the “Teacher Contact Form”.

In order to contact a teacher, simply fill out the form as prompted. Your information will only be seen by you and will be directed to the correct teacher. The teacher will then be in contact with you.

Once submitted, you will receive confirmation that it was sent, or that there was an error. If an error occurs, please call the school to let us know, (740) 622-3728.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to update and grow to better serve our school families!

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This week is the beginning of Advent. This is a time where we all open our hearts and prepare for the coming of Jesus. Our focus at school and home is to find ways to grow closer to God.

As our students learn more about Advent in school, we can also grow in our faith at home. We can encourage each other to be more Christ-like as we journey through the next four weeks of Advent. By behaving in a more Christ-like way, we can all grow closer to God this Advent.

Some suggestions for parents are: have an advent wreath, read to your children, offer to help your child with their work, hug your kids and let them know how important they are to you and God, focus on the positive things your kids do, be a positive example of God’s love to your children, speak kindly to those around you, do your work without grumbling.

Some suggestions for students are: Share your toys or snacks with a family member, help a family member, pick up after yourself, say something kind to someone, don’t complain, learn a new prayer, speak and act in a respectful way, read bible stories to a sibling.

Advent is a wonderful way to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, and become closer to God.

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