Early Childhood Education Grant (ECE) Pre-Kindergarten

The Early Childhood Education Grant (ECE Grant) provides families the opportunity enroll at Sacred Heart School in our All Day Pre-Kindergarten class.

Download the registration packet below:


  • The ECE Grant is income based
  • Enrollment begins February 1, 2019
  • Contact the school today to reserve your child’s educational opportunity at Sacred Heart School, 740-622-3728.
  • Students must be 4 years old and eligible for the grant based on income
  • Students on the ECE Grant are eligible the following year for Scholarships and Grants to attend Kindergarten

For example, A family of 4 would qualify for the ECE Grant if income is at or below $51, 500.00.  A family of 3 would qualify for the ECE Grant if income is at or below $42,660.00

Please contact the school for more information at 740-622-3728

Enroll today as we have an exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential and prepare them for further education.

We are the neighborhood school!




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