Dress Code


Dress Code:  The administration reserves the right to make discretionary decisions concerning this code and individual cases. Violators of the uniform code may be asked to contact a parent or family member to bring a change of clothing to school. The student may be asked to remain in the office until they are in compliance with the dress code. Any time missed from class is to be considered unexcused.  A note may also be sent home alerting you of a violation.


Girls: Khaki, navy or plaid jumpers and skirts (hunter/classic navy plaid from Lands End or Carroll’s only) no more than 2” above the knee.  Khaki or navy skorts and capris not more than 3” above the knee are also allowed.  White uniform blouse with long, three quarter or short sleeves (no puffed sleeves) may be worn under jumpers. Red, white, navy or light blue knit tops with collar and long, three quarter or short sleeves. Red, white, navy or light blue turtlenecks are allowed. No fake fingernails.

Boys:  White or light blue dress shirts with long or short sleeves; red, white, navy or light blue knit tops with collars;  and red, white, navy or light blue turtlenecks can be worn.

Boys and GirlsAll shirts/tops must be long enough to tuck into bottoms and must not be tight fitting. Shirts must be tucked in if longer than hip length. Navy or khaki dress slacks, corduroy or cotton polyester. No knit pants. No tight pants. Should have button or zip fly, no discolored stitching or name brands showing. Shorts (navy or khaki) may be worn Easter through Halloween. They must be of uniform attire colors and not shorter than 3” above the knees. Sweaters must be knit material and not fleece or sweatshirt material. Sweaters must be waist or hip length. No long mid-thigh or knee lengths are allowed. Sweatshirts may be worn. They must be of an appropriate length and size. They must be worn over a uniform shirt. Sweatshirts (no “hoodies”) may be red or navy. Socks may be of any length, BUT must be VISIBLE over the top of the shoe. Socks must be solid school colors (also black). School colored tights are also permissible.  Shoes can be black, navy or brown dress oxford style. Heeled shoes must have no higher than a 1” heel. Only SOLID white or black tennis shoes with white soles will be permitted. Mary Jane shoes for the girls are permitted. Sandals, boots of any kind, sling backs and backless shoes are not permitted. If boots are worn during inclement weather, they must be removed and suitable shoes worn during school hours.  Hair must be neat, clean and well groomed at all times. No extreme styles (no feathers, tinsel, or braided ribbons). For boys, hair is not to exceed the length of the ear nor go beyond the top of the collar or eye-brow. Highlights and dyed hair must be in good taste and of natural color. All hair accessories worn by girls must  match the basic uniform colors (black and brown are permitted).  All these items can be purchased anywhere that sells uniform attire.


“DRESS DOWN DAYS”:  There will be “dress down days” periodically, and you will be notified in advance. On these days, all clothing must be clean and in good taste. Pants and shorts should be fitting at the waist, no tight pants (no “skinny” jeans), and no tights or leggings with long sweaters over them. No baggy pants or pants that cover the shoe. Holes in pants are not permitted. No sweats, wind pants, or pajama pants. T-shirts with inappropriate emblems, pictures or lettering are not per-mitted. All tops must cover the tops of the shoulders. All shirts must sit below the waist-line with no abdominal area showing. Socks are to be worn at all times. Shoe attire is the same guidelines as stated above.

REMEMBERPlain black or white tennis shoes; No “sparkles, grommets, or other adornments on clothing, belts or shoes; plain colored socks; and no jewelry (except small earrings, watches, and necklaces of religious nature).  CLOTHES MUST BE CLEAN AND STAIN FREE—FRAYED AND TORN CLOTHES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.


The appropriateness of school clothing as well as the student’s overall appearance remains the responsibility of the parents.  Teachers will send questionable student appearances to the office where the principal has the final decision to contact the parents if necessary, or counsel the student on the appropriate dress code.

Carroll’s Men Shop in Coshocton no longer carries uniforms.  Some suggestions of places to get uniforms are, Land’s End, JC Penny and Target.  If you are unsure if something is okay, pleas call the school and ask.  Thank You!

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