Sacred Heart School is a fully accredited Catholic elementary school located in the east central Ohio community of Coshocton. Situated on hill overlooking the city’s downtown, Sacred Heart serves as the only parish and Catholic school for the entire area representing Coshocton, Riverview, and Ridgewood school systems. Sacred Heart celebrated its 100th year in the Coshocton community in 2007.

Sacred Heart provides a quality Catholic education for students in grades preshcool through grade six. Our student to teacher ratio is 1:12. Our student population is 98% white, 1% Hispanic, and 1% Asian. Forty-three percent of our students are not members of any Catholic parish.

There are 6 highly qualified teachers for our pre-school through sixth grade classes. In addition, there is a music teacher, an art teacher, a gym teacher, and Spanish teacher.

Students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades take the Terra Nova standardized test. Scores are consistently at or above the state and Diocesan average. Interim reports are also used to measure students’ performance through each grading period.

Sacred Heart also offers accommodations to supplement the classroom curriculum for students with special needs.  Sacred Heart employs a speech teacher one day a week. We also have an LD tutor and a Title I teacher provided by Coshocton City Schools.

Sacred Heart School is able to offer a smaller class size than the traditional elementary school, and the attention to each individual student is enhanced. Our faculty is able to have a significant impact on the educational and moral development of their students. We are proud to see the school continue to play an important part in the future of our parish and county.

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